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Thread: Food! Options and what not..

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    Domino's is having a 50% off sale all this weekend.

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    Me and my family are gonna have what we decided to call "A Nuclear Weekend" cuz we're gonna buy a lot of microwavable foods and eat in our room lolz
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    Ooo, it looks like I missed a chance to promote one of my favorite restaurants! Ah well, perhaps for next year.

    Zinc Bistro & Wine Bar is a 5-minute walk from the convention center, is just far enough off the river to avoid a lot of the touristy types and has amazing food, wine and atmosphere.

    They're open later than most restaurants on Saturday/Sunday and you can make reservations online or just walk in and get white-tablecloth atmosphere at a Chili's price (there are actually white tablecloths in the main dining area and all entrees except the steak are between $8 - $14). I can't imagine a better romantic date option or EGL tea/dinner party spot for this price.

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