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Final Layouts for San Japan 2015.


Convention Times - 2015

Thursday07/30/15RegistrationBridge Hall (Near Hall B)5PM - 11PM
Friday07/31/15RegistrationBridge Hall (Near Hall B)9AM - 9:30PM
Friday07/31/15Dealer RoomExhibit Hall B10:30AM [Gold Pass] / 11AM [General] - 7:30PM
Friday07/31/15Artist AlleyExhibit Hall A9:30AM - 11PM
Friday07/31/15TabletopExhibit Hall A9:30AM - 9PM
Friday07/31/15Electronic GamingBallroom A10AM - 11PM
Friday07/31/15Grand Hyatt24 Hours
Saturday08/01/15RegistrationBridge Hall (Near Hall B)9AM - 9:30PM
Saturday08/01/15Dealer RoomExhibit Hall B9:30AM [Gold Pass] / 10AM [General] - 7:30PM
Saturday08/01/15Artist AlleyExhibit Hall A9:30AM - 11PM
Saturday08/01/15TabletopExhibit Hall A9:30AM - 9PM
Saturday08/01/15Electronic GamingBallroom A10AM - 11PM
Sunday08/02/15RegistrationBridge Hall (Near Hall B)10AM - 3PM
Sunday08/02/15Dealer RoomExhibit Hall B10AM [General] - 4:00PM
Sunday08/02/15Artist AlleyExhibit Hall A9:30AM - 5PM
Sunday08/02/15TabletopExhibit Hall A9:30AM - 5PM
Sunday08/02/15Electronic GamingBallroom A10AM - 5PM
Sunday08/02/15Grand HyattCloses at 5PM


Information below may be for our 2015 convention. Most of the pages and FAQs will be updated for our 2016 event starting in mid to late November 2015.