Convention Times & Layout

| Convention Times and Layouts.

Below are our tentative 2015 layouts. These layouts may change for our 2015 convention.


Convention Times - 2015

ThursdayRegistrationBridge Hall (Near Hall B)5PM - 11PM
FridayRegistrationBridge Hall (Near Hall B)9AM - 9:30PM
FridayDealer RoomExhibit Hall B10:30AM [Gold Pass] / 11AM [General] - 7:30PM
FridayArtist AlleyExhibit Hall A9:30AM - 11PM
FridayTabletopExhibit Hall A9:30AM - 9PM
FridayElectronic GamingBallroom A10AM - 11PM
FridayGrand Hyatt24 Hours
SaturdayRegistrationBridge Hall (Near Hall B)9AM - 9:30PM
SaturdayDealer RoomExhibit Hall B9:30AM [Gold Pass] / 10AM [General] - 7:30PM
SaturdayArtist AlleyExhibit Hall A9:30AM - 11PM
SaturdayTabletopExhibit Hall A9:30AM - 9PM
SaturdayElectronic GamingBallroom A10AM - 11PM
SundayRegistrationBridge Hall (Near Hall B)10AM - 3PM
SundayDealer RoomExhibit Hall B10AM [General] - 4:00PM
SundayArtist AlleyExhibit Hall A9:30AM - 5PM
SundayTabletopExhibit Hall A9:30AM - 5PM
SundayElectronic GamingBridge Hall (Near Hall B)10AM - 5PM
SundayGrand HyattCloses at 5PM


Our Beta Schedule will be online by no later than July 9th, 2015. The final schedule will be posted by July 20th, 2015.

The content below is for the 2014 Convention. The San Japan website will be fully updated by November 1st, 2014.