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Final Layouts for San Japan 2015.


Convention Times - 2015

Thursday07/30/15RegistrationBridge Hall (Near Hall B)5PM - 11PM
Friday07/31/15RegistrationBridge Hall (Near Hall B)9AM - 9:30PM
Friday07/31/15Dealer RoomExhibit Hall B10:30AM [Gold Pass] / 11AM [General] - 7:30PM
Friday07/31/15Artist AlleyExhibit Hall A9:30AM - 11PM
Friday07/31/15TabletopExhibit Hall A9:30AM - 9PM
Friday07/31/15Electronic GamingBallroom A10AM - 11PM
Friday07/31/15Grand Hyatt24 Hours
Saturday08/01/15RegistrationBridge Hall (Near Hall B)9AM - 9:30PM
Saturday08/01/15Dealer RoomExhibit Hall B9:30AM [Gold Pass] / 10AM [General] - 7:30PM
Saturday08/01/15Artist AlleyExhibit Hall A9:30AM - 11PM
Saturday08/01/15TabletopExhibit Hall A9:30AM - 9PM
Saturday08/01/15Electronic GamingBallroom A10AM - 11PM
Sunday08/02/15RegistrationBridge Hall (Near Hall B)10AM - 3PM
Sunday08/02/15Dealer RoomExhibit Hall B10AM [General] - 4:00PM
Sunday08/02/15Artist AlleyExhibit Hall A9:30AM - 5PM
Sunday08/02/15TabletopExhibit Hall A9:30AM - 5PM
Sunday08/02/15Electronic GamingBallroom A10AM - 5PM
Sunday08/02/15Grand HyattCloses at 5PM


Our Beta Schedule will be online by no later than July 9th, 2015. The final schedule will be posted by July 20th, 2015.