Claire Corlett

Claire Margaret Corlett

Claire Corlett

Claire Margaret Corlett

Years Attended: 2022

Claire Margaret Corlett was born in Vancouver, BC and now resides in Arizona. You may know her from her voice acting roles such as Sweetie Belle in Hasbro’s My Little Pony and Tiny in PBS Kids’ Dinosaur Train. Most recently, she was cast as Gwynn on YouTube-Playmobil’s Novelmore. She has also appeared in some of Crunchyroll’s anime dubs, the Barbie & Her Sisters movies, Chip & Potato, and Bob The Builder.  She has been doing voice-over since she was five years old!

Later in life, she directed her focus towards Film & TV, acquiring some smaller roles on shows like The Murders, Siren, and films Before I Fall and To All The Boys I’ve Loved 2.

Currently, her day-job is a personal writer as well as an editor and Patreon assistant for Black Gryph0n’s YouTube channel. (She is also his fiancé!) She plans on continuing her career as a working actor and writer.

Claire loves to post online, joke around, and interact with people when she can — follow her on Instagram (@clairemargaretcorlett) and Twitter (@ClaireMCorlett)! If you’d like to see or hear more from her, you can always subscribe to her YouTube channel and her Spotify: both under, “Claire Margaret Corlett”.

Claire is always up for new adventures, activities, food, dad-jokes, traditions, fashion-tips, people and dance moves! Please don’t be afraid to say hi!

Autograph Policy:

Price will be determined by the guest. The concert for this guest will be on Friday night 9/2. The concert time will be posted in the final schedule.

Days Attending:

Friday, Saturday, Sunday

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