Years Attended: 2023

DEMONDICE is a vocalist, rapper, lyricist and animator. She moved to Japan to start music activities in Tokyo’s underground internet rap scene, before finding her niche on the net aiming to popularize what she considers “alternative rap.”

DEMONDICE virtual mini-concert will be taking place on Friday night of the convention. There is no extra charge to attend this concert.


Hello everyone. We know everyone is very excited to see DEMONDICE and so are we! Unfortunately, due to professional and filming commitments in Japan DEMONDICE is unable to make it to the US for a live concert in 2023.

However, don’t despair! DEMONDICE wants to meet all of her fans so she will be holding a VIRTUAL concert on Friday night at San Japan 14 for a mini-concert set LIVE for all attendees. We are also bringing out Moe Shop from Japan who will be accompanying DEMONDICE in the concert.

Moe Shop will be performing LIVE in person for the first time alongside DEMONDICE! You don’t want to miss this fantastic concert on Friday night at San Japan 2023.

Autograph Policy:

Price will be determined by the guest. The concert for this guest will be on Friday night 9/1. The concert time will be posted in the final schedule.

There will be NO VIP Meet & Greet of any kind for Demondice.

Days Attending:


VIP Brunch Attendance


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