Descendants of Erdrick

US Music Act

Descendants of Erdrick is a rock band dedicated to recreating classic video game music on real, sweaty instruments; from the well-known, time-honored tunes of Super Mario Bros. and The Legend Of Zelda, to the epic arrangements of Final Fantasy and Chrono Trigger, with a few obscure tunes in between.

Descendants of Erdrick was established in 2009 by musicians who grew up with controllers in their hands, later replaced with musical instruments, the band’s mission is to convey through performance the excitement they feel for these quality songs.

The name of the group is an homage to one of the first console RPG’s, Dragon Warrior (Dragon Quest in Japan), wherein the player is a “descendant” of the legendary hero, Erdrick. So too is the sound of “D of E” descended from the great synthesized tunes of gaming’s golden years.

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