Nyatasha Nyanners


Nyatasha Nyanners

Years Attended: 2022

Nyatasha Nyanners is a pink cat VTuber who is definitely not secretly an eldritch abomination plotting to take over the world. When she isn’t causing chaos, she streams on Twitch, makes videos for YouTube, and also has made some original songs. You can find her at twitch.tv/nyanners and on Twitter @nyannyanners

Thanks to VShojo for their cooperation in arranging this.

Nyatasha Nyanners will be part of an exclusive San Japan digital panel event on Saturday 9/3. The event time will be posted in the final schedule.

Autograph Policy:

This will be a digital event only. VShojo onsite support staff will not be autographing any materials or taking part in the VIP Brunch.

Days Attending:


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